Games to play with your toddler

Two best games with a toddler ever:
1. The game in which Molly uses my back as a playground for her Lego figures which means a free massage for me (the part with the figures jumping up and down was a bit painful but well worth it because them going down the slide was just heavenly!),
2. The game in which I chill on the sofa while Molly peels mandarins and hands them over for me to eat.

Any other suggestions on how to make her do nice things for me disguised as a game?

How to get the baby out early

Loads of people thought I would appreciate it if they gave me suggestions on how to convince the baby to come out already. I was told to have spicy food, to eat a lot of pineapple and to have sex. Also, apparently I should walk a lot, stretch  and/or climb lots of stairs. My neighbour told me to clean the windows. I’m not sure she was talking about it in connection to the baby though. That might have been just general life advice.

Our children are so musical

Our drive to the daycare started of with the neighbour’s kid growling quietly like a tiger. Immediately Molly joined in which made him growl louder. Soon he was roaring like a lion and Molly was just shouting. By the time we reached the daycare, Molly was screaming: “Finisheeeed! Finisheeeed!”, the neighbour was just plain screaming and I was singing as loudly as I could along to Queen’s “I want it all” which was playing on the radio.

I’m excited about adding a crying newborn to our trio soon, he’ll give it a whole new dimension.

Finger pain stops me from sleeping

I feel so bad for our little daughter who experienced horrible pains right before she needed to go down for her nap today. Her fingers hurt so bad that she just had to come out of her room. Six times. Apparently the only thing that helps with this awful finger pain is another episode of Peppa Pig. Who could have guessed?

The joy of the last pregnancy month

Things which are difficult in the last pregnancy month:
putting your boots on, making room for people to squeeze past you, sleeping, sitting on the floor, getting up from the floor, walking, getting dressed, climbing the stairs, hugging, being patient, not complaining, pulling your dog off the other dog when she gets into a fight… and some other stuff.

How to know if your cold’s really bad?

I took this test (after I wrote it) and the result amazed me!
Is your cold really bad or are you just being whiny? Take our quiz and find out!
Do you:
a) wake up in the middle of the night realising how underrated breathing is and how you’ve always taken it for granted
b) get five nose bleeds a day on average from blowing your nose over-enthusiastically
c) literally carry a roll of toilet paper in your bag in fear that you might run out of tissues
d) feel like you can’t think because the snot has taken up all the space where your brain used to be
e) all of the above
It turns out I have a bad cold!