Experienced parent hack

Experienced parent hack: If you don’t want strangers to talk to you, regardless of the weather, put that hat on your baby.

Additional note: If an old lady tells you to put a hat on your baby, it’s OK just to say: “I don’t want to”.


When it’s hot outside but you can’t take your sweater off because your boobs are leaking.

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That moment when you’re feeding your hungry baby and he’s looking at you lovingly and as he unlatches to smile… you start spraying breastmilk all over McDonald’s.

#gladyouwerentthere #imnotlovinit #milkwithyourcoffeesir?

Who likes…?

From Oskar’s room I’m listening to Molly and Benny playing a made-up game named “Who likes?” in bed.

Benny’s asking questions and I’m writing them down in real time:

  1. Who likes ice-cream? (They both do.)
  2. Who likes going to the kindergarten? (They both do.)
  3. Who likes fireworks? (Benny does, Molly doesn’t. Don’t know why not.)
  4. Who likes hanging up the washing? (Benny does, Molly doesn’t. Benny: “I like hanging up the washing, I really help mama.”)
  5. Who likes pooing in the toilet? (They both do. Benny: “Pooing really relaxes me. And I also like to pee.”)

There was more, but nothing beats “Pooing really relaxes me”. I think we’re done here.

I plan to fart on you

-Molly, I’m now going to brush my teeth and then I’ll come back and fart on your head.
-No, you’re not!
-Yes, I am. Really.
-Then I’ll tell Dada! And I’ll fart on YOUR head.

It’s nice how they’re letting each other know about their “fart on your head” plans. Very civil and grown-up behaviour.