The “Slow drop” move – or how to get the baby off you

Slow dropSome of the mums with newborns and mums-to-be might find this useful when dealing with a sleepy baby:

I call this move “The slow drop” and it consists of 6 stages:
Stage 1 (preparatory stage): make yourself comfortable on the bed but make sure there’s lots of space on one side of you (if you’re right handed, free up the space on the right hand side)
Stage 2 (comfortable stage): let the clingy baby fall asleep on top of you because that’s the only way you can get him to sleep
Stage 3 (lowering stage): when you’re sure he’s asleep, start the descend. Lower him towards the bed, half a centimetre each minute, so that he doesn’t feel that he’s being moved
Stage 4 (the riskiest stage): put him down on the bed next to you. Stop breathing so that nothing disturbs his sleep. Don’t move! And make sure at least one part of your body’s still in touch with his.
Stage 5 (waiting stage): start moving away from the baby. If you notice any change in his breathing pattern, stop moving and get back into the previous position.
Stage 6 (freedom stage): slowly get out of the bed. Try to remember why you got up. Get back into bed and take a power nap because the baby’s about to wake up in 10 minutes. If you’re lucky.

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