Baking sucks

On those rare occasions when I bake, I’m unsuccessful at it, but after watching “The Great British Bake Off” today, I felt inspired.

I found a recipe, I carefully weighed the flour and butter, I took out never-before-used food processor and preheated the oven (none of which I usually do because I’m too lazy – maybe that’s why I’m crap at it?) and I felt really good about the whole baking thing until I realised we have no eggs at home.

I guess I skipped the first step in which you actually check if you have all the ingredients. Baking’s difficult!

Baby fact

Jay’s morning wisdom and probably the most important (and weird) thing you’ll ever hear about babies: “A baby without soft skin is like a duck without a face.”

Another random dream

In my dream, I went for a random jog in Olympia Park because I still had half an hour to kill before work, with a huge bag full of teaching material over my shoulder, wearing my flip-flops and one of Molly’s T-shirts in the adult size.

I won’t attempt that in real life, sounds like a horrible idea.

Favourite toys

Molly has an incredible amount of toys because everyone in our family’s constantly buying her stuff. The last thing she got was a dancing and singing horse.

Her favourite toys this month are toilet paper rolls, empty cardboard boxes and my family dog’s rubber balls.

Morning walk from hell

A moany, fussy baby, an energetic and disobedient dog and an exhausted, irritable mum are not a perfect combination for a morning walk. Or anything else, to be honest.

Of course, I’m just guessing that. I don’t know it from personal experience because we’re all having a wonderful time and Klara didn’t just almost break my wrist and Molly isn’t constantly throwing her dummy on the floor and screaming and I had wonderful 8 hours of sleep without waking up every hour.

I feel bad for the theoretical family from the first sentence.