Favourite toys

Molly has an incredible amount of toys because everyone in our family’s constantly buying her stuff. The last thing she got was a dancing and singing horse. Her favourite toys this month are toilet paper rolls, empty cardboard boxes and my family dog’s rubber balls.

Morning walk from hell

A moany, fussy baby, an energetic and disobedient dog and an exhausted, irritable mum are not a perfect combination for a morning walk. Or anything else, to be honest. Of course, I’m just guessing that. I don’t know it from personal experience because we’re all having a wonderful time and Klara didn’t just almost break my wrist and Molly isn’t constantly throwing her dummy on the floor and screaming and …

Night time routine

I picked Molly up from the daycare. We then played for a bit, she had her dinner, I gave her a nice long bath and we listened to her favourite lullaby. Very relaxed and calm end of the day. She’s now in her bed… banging her dummy against the rails and laughing out loud like a maniac.

Sexy mama

Walking down the street in my short skirt I get a lot of stares. That’s cause I have Klara, the strange looking ghost dog, walking next to me. And also because I used a big plastic shopping bag to pick her poo up.

A thoughtful baby

Molly already knows me very well. She recognises when I’m completely exhausted or when I’m stressed because I have loads of work to do or, like today, both. That’s when she decides to take only a 20-minute nap instead of sleeping for an hour and a half. She just doesn’t want me to be lonely. So thoughtful.