What a lovely surprise!

“Mama, when you get out of the shower, come to our room! There’s a surprise! ALL OF OUR TOYS ARE ON THE FLOOR!”

That’s a wonderful surprise, son. Unfortunately, I plan to never get out of the shower.

Not a baby anymore

Since he was born, Benny has been sleeping with a little teddy bear.
A couple of weeks ago he had told me he didn’t need his “medo” anymore because “he’s not a little baby”. Out of habit, I kept putting it back in his bed each night anyway.
This morning Benny officially brought it to my room, put it in my bed and said: “I REALLY don’t need it anymore, mama.”
Goodbye, medo. You’ll always be loved while stored safely somewhere in a box.
At least Molly still sleeps with her reindeer. I don’t think I could cope with both kids growing up so suddenly.

Fun is boring

-Today, at the kindergarten, I suggested to Lana something a bit crazy. I suggested that we don’t play at all, that we just stand with our back to the wall.
-And did you do it?
-And how was it?
-Very boring.

Sometimes boring is actually fun – and the other way around.

Tantrums and snacks

The same child can have a hysterical tantrum screaming “I hate my life!” on the playground floor at noon because she chose “the wrong ice-cream” and then prepare a thoughtful snack for me while I’m taking a nap only two hours later.
Kids are amazing and so, so weird.

(on the menu: pieces of apple and banana + a strawberry juice in a cup)

Can you hear my thoughts?

-Mama, do you know the song the Diamond Life? About a boy who wants a sparkling diamond and then he finds it and then he loses it again?
-No. Where did you hear it?
-In my head.

I think Benny wanted to ask me if I could read his mind.

Spending the night in a hotel

In the darkness, I could hear two mosquitos and a fly buzzing around me, united in their attempts to keep me awake.

I turned on the flashlight on my phone to try to kill them and immediately regretted it. There are SO many bugs on the walls and ceiling of this hotel room!

I’ll just pretend not to have seen. I sincerely hope that the thing about swallowing spiders in our sleep is just a myth.

Good night. I guess?