A visit from two tooth fairies!

Me at 1 am: “Crap! I forgot about Molly’s tooth!”
I grab 20kn from Jay’s wallet, run to Molly’s room, I try to find her tooth under the pillow but can’t do it without potentially waking her up so I just leave the money next to her pillow.

Molly at 3:30am: “Dada, my tooth is still under my pillow! Do you think the tooth fairy will come tonight?”
Jay doesn’t know I already left he money, so he waits until Molly’s asleep again, gets 20kn from my wallet, folds the note neatly, wraps it with a piece of string, retrieves Molly’s tooth from under her pillow and replaces it with a gift from the tooth fairy.

Molly at 6:30am: “Wow! I got 40 kuna! The tooth fairy wrapped this 20kn note really nicely and the other one… maybe fell out of her pocket?”

What a lucky girl! Two tooth fairies! One thoughtful and careful who pays attention to details and… the other one.

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