Every bit of me is happy!

We were on our way to my parents’ house when Molly said in a serious voice: “I have good news, mama! Every bit of me is happy. Usually, I’m a bit angry or a bit sick or… But today I’m only happy!”
This totally made my day.

Growing up is hard to do

I told Benny we were having creamy pasta with mushrooms and spinach for dinner.

-I don’t want to eat spinach!
-How come? I thought you loved spinach.
-But I don’t want to grow and be big!
-What? Growing is great! With each new day, you learn new things and can do more things!
-But I don’t want to die!

That escalated quickly.
I didn’t expect to have a conversation about existentialism and inevitability of death with a three and a half-year-old. Especially not after an innocent question like: “What’s for dinner?”

Coming up with a new nickname

Molly wants a new nickname. She came up with a couple of suggestions herself: “Rusty book” and “Apple made of eyeballs”.

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I honestly doubt those will stick.

Losing can be fun

Molly, Benny and I played a game. Benny got knocked out first.
“Does this meant I won or lost?” he asked with a sad look on his face. I told him that, unfortunately, he lost.
This cheered him up immediately so he shouted: “That’s great! I can make pancakes for everyone now!” (?!)
He then proceeded to pretend to be making pancakes (?!) which he told me I can only eat off the floor (?!).
I can’t even imagine what he’d do had he won the game.

Molly on crying II.

“Sometimes I start crying and I can’t stop. And when you ask me why I’m crying, I don’t even know anymore. Do you also sometimes feel like that? Like you can’t stop crying anymore? Like you are born to cry?”

I need to write these quotes down. Hopefully, Molly can use them one day in a soap-opera she’s destined to write.

When your child believes they can do anything

Last night at the campsite. Molly signed herself up for the talent show. She signed up to sing “Hello Goodbye” by the Beatles.

She doesn’t know any of the lyrics and she barely knows the melody. When I played the song for her so that she could at least listen to it carefully once, she screamed at me that she needs to “practice and learn it by herself, in her own head”.

Benny’s “going to dance” and he “needs to look really good”.
This is going to be an evening to remember.