Bedtime routine

I was tucking the kids into bed, giving them a goodnight hug and a kiss when Benny said:
“Mama, smell my hand.”
“What? Uh. Why does it smell so bad?”
“I just put it up my bum.”
And then they both laughed at me.

I feel strangely proud that we’re raising a couple of weirdos.

What a lovely surprise!

“Mama, when you get out of the shower, come to our room! There’s a surprise! ALL OF OUR TOYS ARE ON THE FLOOR!”

That’s a wonderful surprise, son. Unfortunately, I plan to never get out of the shower.

Not a baby anymore

Since he was born, Benny has been sleeping with a little teddy bear.
A couple of weeks ago he had told me he didn’t need his “medo” anymore because “he’s not a little baby”. Out of habit, I kept putting it back in his bed each night anyway.
This morning Benny officially brought it to my room, put it in my bed and said: “I REALLY don’t need it anymore, mama.”
Goodbye, medo. You’ll always be loved while stored safely somewhere in a box.
At least Molly still sleeps with her reindeer. I don’t think I could cope with both kids growing up so suddenly.

Fun is boring

-Today, at the kindergarten, I suggested to Lana something a bit crazy. I suggested that we don’t play at all, that we just stand with our back to the wall.
-And did you do it?
-And how was it?
-Very boring.

Sometimes boring is actually fun – and the other way around.

Tantrums and snacks

The same child can have a hysterical tantrum screaming “I hate my life!” on the playground floor at noon because she chose “the wrong ice-cream” and then prepare a thoughtful snack for me while I’m taking a nap only two hours later.
Kids are amazing and so, so weird.

(on the menu: pieces of apple and banana + a strawberry juice in a cup)