Christmas morning

Christmas morning. All the carefully chosen and wrapped gifts got torn open and judged by a couple of critical and over-excited kids. We did well, on average.

My only regret is not wrapping up a roll of toilet paper for Oskar. It would’ve saved me money as well as headache from the psychedelic lights and cheerful robot music.

The best thing about Christmas? Putting kids to bed then sitting on the sofa, going through the photos we took that day and creating fake memories of a fun, relaxed and not at all stressful day.

I know that kind of days await in the future. We’re embracing the chaos until then.

Christmas wish

Molly wants a pet (preferably a hamster) and, for some reason, I told her she could get one in three years, when she’s ten (it seemed like a reasonable answer at the time).
So this morning, looking at all the gifts under the tree, Molly said pensively: “I wonder what Santa got me! I hope it has something to do with pets. Or at least something that speeds up time.”
To reiterate: “Something that speeds up time” is her second choice (?!) while the first one is not a pet, but “something to do with pets”. (Dog food? A hamster cage? Rabies shot?!)

Although I, admittedly, find the idea of speeding up time exciting, I hope your Christmas is so relaxed and fun that you wish you could slow time down, rather than the other way around.

All the best from me to you! 

Two Dots, one mum, no sleep

While feeding the baby in the middle of the night, I decided to play a game of Two dots to keep my mind off the fact that I’m nothing but a human pacifier.
Unfortunately, in the first round, I won a full hour of unlimited lives which I, obviously, couldn’t waste. So I was up until 3:30, while Oskar was sleeping, playing on my phone and losing each round because I was too tired to concentrate.
I’m my own worst enemy.

Leaving the house with a baby

“OK, we’re finished eating! Good job! We’re good to go! Now let’s just quickly wipe your mouth. And your hands. And your t-shirt. And your trousers. And your hair. There’s some pasta on your back. Let’s just quickly clean the chair. And the table. Now let’s mop the floor and we’re ready to go!
Now we’ll put your sweater on. And your jacket. And thicker trousers. Hat, gloves, scarf and we’re on our way!
What? Are you taking a poo? Uh. Let’s just quickly change you… Taking your hat off, your gloves off, your jacket off…”

And repeat.