Happy birthday, baby!

Oskar turned one yesterday.

In the past year he learned how to eat, crawl, pull himself up to stand next to the furniture and people’s legs, complain, demand attention, wave, clap, point his finger at random objects with no particular aim. He has six teeth and he uses them well.

Dislikes: long car journeys, having his nappy changed, getting dressed, getting undressed, going to sleep, being asleep, staying asleep, the idea of sleep.

Likes: broccoli, funny noises, long walks, clapping, bath time, throwing his food to Klara, opening and closing drawers and doors.

Loves: his siblings, who successfully make him laugh.

Happy birthday, sweet baby! You’re adorable and funny and we love you and we can’t wait to get to know you even better in the years to come. No rush, though, take it slowly. Most of the time we like having a baby in the house.

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