Done with the night-time snacks

Since I’m not happy with Oskar’s idea of waking up and breastfeeding at least six times at night anymore, I’m bracing myself for a few sleepless nights ahead, until he accepts that sleeping doesn’t have to involve boobs.

I know that he’s not keen on the idea because he expressed his dissatisfaction loudly and persistently this evening. For about two hours.

I almost gave in a couple of times, but I’m proud of having resisted his adorable, very angry face.

The definite highlite of the evening was when, among all the shouting and screaming and complaining, Oskar lifted his index finger and waved it in the air while I sang “One little finger”.

Angry and determined baby vs. exhausted, but determined mum. How’s this going to go down?

I’ll probably be singing “One little finger” for the next seven hours. Wish me luck.

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