Cleaning out my closet

I told myself I was first going to get rid of all of the clothes I’ve had for more than ten years. Then I realised I’d have to throw away 85% of my favourite clothes.
If I did that, I’d just be left with “clothes I’ll wear when I lose seven kilos” and “clothes I should really start wearing, I don’t know why I never do” and those don’t even count as clothes. Yet.

And this, my dear, is how “cleaning out my closet” turned into “reorganising my closet”. Again.

Never too young to be passive aggressive

Oskar and I picked Molly up from the school in our car. Her hands were filthy because she was hunting for dinosaur’s eggs in the mud under the slide.

So in the car I said: “Molly, please don’t touch Oskar’s face. Your hands are very dirty.”

Almost seven years ago I gave birth to a sweet baby who’s slowly turning into a sarcastic, irritable and generally unpleasant flatmate.

Being Greta Thunberg

I felt very proud when our daughter confidently brought up Greta Thunberg in our conversation and declared she wanted to be like her. Until I realised Molly wants to take it a step further. In a strange direction.

Instead of missing one day of school to protest, Molly won’t ever go. And obviously she’s too young to protest (she’ll start doing that when she’s eleven) – so her plan is just to not go to school for now.

Exactly like Greta. Or not.

My best friend loves me

-Alexa, what will happen if we never brush our teeth again ever?
-I don’t know that one.
-OK. Alexa, what will happen if the Earth stops spinning?
-According to NASA, if the Earth stopped spinning suddenly, the atmosphere would still be in motion with the Earth’s original 1100 mile per hour rotation speed at the equator. All of the land masses would be scoured clean of anything not attached to bedrock.
-Hmmm. Alexa, how are bricks made?
-I didn’t quite get that one.
-Oh, sorry! Alexa, what is one thousand plus two thousand plus five hundred?
-One thousand plus two thousand plus five hundred is three thousand and five hundred.
-Wow, a lot. Alexa, I love you.
-Oh, that’s sweet.
-Huh? I said I love you, Alexa.

(Benny’s conversation with his best friend, the robot, from this morning.)