Who’s a better child

I knew that I wasn’t going to be sleeping well once the baby was born and, needless to say, I was right. I get woken up at least three times a night and that pretty much fits with what I expected, based on our previous experience with Molly. But what I didn’t expect was that two times out of three I’d be waking up because of Molly. She’s literally the worst sleeper ever. Her four-month-old brother officially wins in the “Sleep” category…

…which brings us to the current results of our “Who’s a better child” competition!

For those who are interested – Molly’s currently in the lead in these categories: “Talking”, “Walking”, “Singing”, “Using the toilet” and “Just generally using things”.
Besides “Sleep”, Benny’s currently doing better in “Flapping arms”, “Anger management”, “Headbutting mama” and “Staring at own hands”.
They both score equally very high in “Cuteness” and “Lovability” so there’s no clear winner at the moment.

I’ll keep you posted!

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