Saving money on clothes: tips and tricks

With the summer sales on, everything’s massively reduced. Here’s my secret to saving even more when shopping for clothes!

-For best results, go shopping after a sleepless night, when you’re too tired to even order a coffee.
-Before shopping, have a big meal. Eat as much as you humanly can without exploding. (Go ahead, unbutton your trousers, noone can see!)
-Right before you walk into a shop, breastfeed. But only on one side! This way one of your boobs stays the size of a watermelon, the other one’s like a golf ball.
-Choose pretty clothes in a size that used to fit you when you were twenty-three.
-Try all the items on while entertaining the baby in the changing room.

Then… Check the price tags of the items you literally can’t put on (aka all of the ones you brought to the changing room).

First add all of those prices up.
Then deduct a price of a pint of ice-cream (which you’ll be having on the sofa later, while crying about feeling fat)
= That’s how much you’ve saved! Incredible, right?!

You’re welcome. Feel free to pass my tips&tricks on.

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