Reasons for a tantrum

Here’s a list of things which Molly found upsetting between 6.45 and 7.45 this morning:

1. I wanted to take her pyjamas off
– crying time: 3 minutes
– distraction: offer her different clothes to wear

2. She didn’t want to wear any of her clothes
– crying time: 5 minutes
– distraction: give her a tub of cream to play with

3. After happily and generously applying cream on her legs and my nose while I got her dressed, it was time to take the cream away
– screaming and crying time: 4 minutes
– distraction: show her something really interesting in the bathroom

4. After “washing” her hands and splashing around in the sink while I got ready, it was time for breakfast, which meant no more playing with water
– proper hysterical meltdown time: 8 minutes, which gave me a chance to prepare breakfast without her hanging around in the kitchen yet I knew by her screams exactly where she was (in the bathroom, next to the sink, for all eight minutes)
– distraction: food

5. She really enjoyed her breakfast even though me giving her blueberries instead of a banana caused some non-committed moaning (45 seconds). But two cereal flakes left in the bowl when I took it away caused…
– crying time: 4 minutes, even after she had both of the flakes
– distraction: our neighbours rang the doorbell to take her to the daycare

6. She was put in the car seat
– moaning time: I have no idea, I closed the car door and left in a hurry
– distraction for mama: a long walk and a nice cup of coffee, followed by a long post on Facebook which I’ll be able to show her in 15 years time.

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