Kicking the habit

Night #6 of Benny sleeping without a dummy: Yours truly only managed to sleep for four hours altogether, three and half of those freezing and cramping with Benny in his 70×160 toddler bed.

In addition to unsuccessfully trying to move to my bed a couple of times (with Benny shouting at me each time), my sleep got interrupted every hour by Benny screaming for water and then changing his mind a few times (“No water! Water! No water! Give me water!”), Benny waking me up to smell his shirt (?!) and Benny demanding to eat rice (?!) at 5 am.

We’ve been fully awake and up since 5:20. At the moment he’s eating a banana cheerfully on the sofa and doesn’t seem to notice how passive aggressive I’m being by refusing to watch Octonauts with him on his tablet.

Times he asked for his dummy during the night: zero.

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