How you change with a second baby, an empirical study, part III: Showering

Baby number one: you feed the baby and put her down on her playmat to play while you quickly take a shower. As soon as you get into the shower, you can hear the baby hysterically cry. You turn the water off and listen. Everything’s silent. Instead of calming you down, this makes you jump out of the shower and run into the lounge to save your baby from whatever horrible thing that was happening to her. You find her happily playing. Back into the shower. Crying again. Water off again. Run into the lounge again. Repeat the whole process again. Give up on the shower. They say that happy mama equals happy baby but you’re only happy if you can look at your baby’s smiling face ALL the time, making sure she’s safe.

Baby number two: you feed the baby and put him down on his playmat to play while you take a shower. You take a shower, wash your hair, sing loudly to yourself. You get out of the shower to find your baby happily playing on the playmat. You say: “Oh, hello, you’re here!” and go prepare breakfast. You feel like some nice toast this morning.

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