Getting them to sleep

It took a while to get Oskar to sleep but finally, he was down and we were ready for a story when things, out of the blue, got quite intense.

Molly and Benny started screaming at each other in the bathroom until they woke the baby up. When I sent them to their room, they continued screaming, but also crying and arguing about who woke the baby up.

According to Molly, it was Benny’s fault because he was the one shouting, but the fact that Molly hit him, which made him shout, “doesn’t matter now, Benny! You always have to cry like a baby!”

I was trying to get Oskar back to sleep, listening to kids’ continuous and petty fight, resisting the urge to storm into their bedroom and scream at both of them.


I went in, told them (maybe shouted) they were both responsible and to get into their beds. I then turned the light off and said “Good night”.

Baby’s now wide awake and upset, both older kids are crying hysterically in their beds, and shouting at them made me feel the opposite of better.

I almost felt bad for them until I heard Molly angrily whisper through the tears: “Why did you have to shout, Benny? It’s all your fault!”

Now I only feel bad for one of them.

From: Home alone with three kids

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