I Can Wait

-Your turn to choose a song, mama!
-Usually I’d choose something I think you might like, but would you like to hear what music I’d listen to if you weren’t in the car?
-Ok. Or we can listen to “Time to be Awesome” from “My Little Pony”.

Sure. The National can wait. My needs can wait. Ponies win.

I Won’t Meet New People

-Benny, when I’m a grown-up and you’re a grown-up and Oskar too and mama and dada die, can I have the campervan?
-We can both have it, Molly! Together.
-We can’t, Benny. Because we’ll be married to other people. You’ll have to meet someone new and get married.
-I’ll marry one of mama’s friends and then I won’t have to meet anyone new.

Heads up, friends – one of you’s Benny’s potential love interest. More out of practical than romantic reasons, though.
(Unfortunately, Molly and her future partner get the campervan after I die.)

Third baby’s favourite cuddly toy

Oskar wasn’t interested in sleeping with any of the cuddly toys. Until today. Tonight he finally found something to take to bed and hug before sleep.

Unfortunately, it’s a lid of a nappy bin, so not a long-term solution.
Fortunately for him, though, I only care about him sleeping.

If a flat piece of plastic makes him happy, who am I to deny him the pleasure of cuddling with a bin? #thirdbaby

(Read about Molly’s cuddly toy in October 2013 here!)