Contamplating changes

As I’m approaching my forties, I’m thinking about the way I’ve been living my life so far. I don’t want to make any statements that I might later take back, but I’m contemplating a big change: I might start regularly brushing my hair.

As I said, I don’t want to commit to this just yet, but it’s been on my mind recently. I imagine it would be nice to be able to run my fingers through my hair without them getting stuck. I hope I get to experience it one day.

Going with the flow

In the car as we’re driving to my parents’ house on the coast:

Molly (to Benny): I can’t wait, Benny! We’ll go swimming in the sea!
Me: No, you’re not. It’s almost November, it’s too cold.
Molly (still talking to Benny): We’ll go swimming in the pool!
Me: No, you’re not. I didn’t pack your swimming stuff.
Molly (still to Benny): We’ll go swimming naked!

Soundtrack for daydreaming

Today in the car Molly asked me to play her a song she’s never heard before.

-But I’d like the singer to sound like me.
-What do you mean? That a little girl sings the song?
-No, a man. He needs to sound like a character I have in my head.
-When I daydream in the car, I like to imagine that I’m a cowboy and that I go on different adventures and now I need a song so that I can imagine I’m just going around the town.

I played “Take on me” – I thought that would fit well with the story in her head. Molly agreed.
(Difficult) Mission accomplished.

Any other suggestions for a soundtrack to a daydream about a girl who’s a cowboy?

Trying to get back to work

I found a babysitter to entertain the baby for three hours in the morning while I work. Today was the first day.

I spent the first hour walking around the house confused, picking random objects up and placing them back down, feeling empty-handed and empty-headed.
Spent the second hour sitting down at my laptop and getting back up again, not being able to concentrate.
Spent the last hour stressed because I got no work done.
I’m currently wasting the last ten minutes of our babysitter’s time on writing this down.

I clearly need to get better at this.

Mitigating factors in an attempted murder case

I’m still using the breastfeeding app because I’m hoping my lack of sleep could be a mitigating factor in a case of attempted murder.

(“From the notes in this app, your Honour, it is clear that the baby’s been waking up to feed at least five times a night. The defendant has not slept for longer than two hours in a block for months.

Clearly I can’t be held accountable for my actions if someone tries to talk to me or if they look in my general direction.

You will surely be able to understand the defendant’s actions better, your Honour, if we told you that the victim not only failed to respond but also looked bored and annoyed when the defendant wished her a “Good morning” upon entering the shop.”)