Baby’s here

We have a newborn in the house!

Learning from my mistakes, I’m going to do some things differently in this recovery period. I’ll ask for help, I won’t overdo it and I’ll sleep when the baby sleeps. Which means from 02:09 till 02:38.

Songs about fighting for a six-year-old

“I’m trying to come up with a story in my head while we’re listening to the music. Is there a song about fighting?” asked Molly after I told her to lay down for a bit and daydream to get some rest.

I played “Kung Foo Fighting” for her but she wanted “something that has more anger in it”.

“Eye of the Tiger” was my second choice. Made her happier. I bet some amazing fighting took place in that strange little head of hers.

Any other suggestions for fighting songs suitable for a six-year-old?

Easier to seek forgiveness than permission

-I’m not sure you can take snails to the kindergarten, Molly.
-Well, they can’t punish me for it.

Subconsciously lead by her dad’s philosophy that it’s “easier to seek forgiveness than permission”, Molly’s fighting her way through Croatian system of rules and regulations.

On her own. I didn’t stick around for long enough to find out if snails were actually allowed.

Professor Benjamin

-We can always joke, Benny, but not when we’re eating.
-Then we can’t *always* joke!

-Come here, mama!
-I’m coming now.
-No, you’re not. Because *now* means that you’re already here!

Professor Benjamin’s logic lessons or “how to simultaneously impress and annoy your parent”.

Valentine’s Day breakfast

Molly made me breakfast for Valentine’s day! She prepared toast with cream cheese and she cut up a veggie sausage, accompanied by a vitamin drink.
I wasn’t hungry at all but this turned out to be one of the best meals I ever had.

Pregnant reality

Me: spent the whole day moaning to myself about how difficult it is to be this pregnant
Also me: caught a glimpse of my own reflection in a window and was shocked at how fat I got, because I completely forgot I was pregnant.

Brain, please be nice to me. Just stick with one reality. If possible.

Sky’s bleeding

I was waddling down the street, minding my own business, when I started noticing people glancing at me strangely (and not in a good way).
I stared back defiantly until I looked down and realised my hands were bloody!
As I was trying to find a cut on my hands, a drop of blood fell on my sandwich. So, naturally, I looked up to see where the blood was coming from (because, obviously, it must’ve been raining blood?).
It took me at least five seconds to realise I had a slow and steady nose bleed and was dripping blood on myself and the world around me.

Ah, the joys of late pregnancy! Being so sick of everything that nothing disturbs your calm.

No energy at all

When your four year old wakes you up at 5am by saying “I have no energy at all” it makes you wonder if he’s ever actually grasped the concept and purpose of the day, night and sleeping.