Challenges of driving to Croatia #2

After 9 hours of driving (out of which almost two hours were a torture with Molly’s constant groaning and screaming and coughing), we’re finally in Rijeka. Molly’s shouting and being generally grumpy, our family dog just puked, Klara’s barking at random things in the garden and I still have to unload the car. And there’s no one at home to help me. It’s difficult to stay positive.

The best husband

Jay’s doing the night shift tonight and I went out. We decided that I was going to sleep in the guest room to get proper sleep. When I came home, the bed was already made and there were my pajamas, eye mask, earplugs, a glass of water and paracetamol (for my Weißbier headache) – all waiting for me.

I have the best husband in the world.

Chatting to neighbours

Molly and I spent some time in the garden, chatting to our Croatian neighbours while watching them play table tennis. The woman was very bad at table tennis and small talk, equally.

Her husband, who has three grandsons, was quite happy to find out that Molly was a girl (despite her blue hoodie) because, apparently, “girls are a lot cuter”.