A horrible guest

Molly’s going to her friend’s first birthday party. I dressed her up very nicely but only an hour later I had to change her dress (puke), shirt (wet with spit), cardigan (spit) and tights (puke). Surprisingly, her nappy was dry.

And then she fell asleep so we’ll definitely be late. She’s the worst guest ever. Never invite her anywhere!

Little Red Riding Hood

I wanted to tell Molly a story to calm her down before her nap and I first thought of Little Red Riding Hood. I started telling her the story and after an unnecessarily long description of all the food her mother prepared for her granny (I’m on a diet), I realised I didn’t know the rest of the story.

Does her red hood play any role in the story? How and why did the wolf end up in her granny’s house? Where and when does the hunter appear? Why didn’t the wolf just eat the girl in the forest?

Well, he did in my version of the story. And he enjoyed all the food from the basket as well. The end.

New Year’s in Regensburg

A couple of days away without Molly for the first time.

She stayed with the grandparents who were given very (very) detailed care instructions (two A4 pages on feeding and sleeping and changing nappies) before we drove to Regensburg so I can cry a lot about missing my baby and worry a lot about grandparents maybe putting her to bed at 20:15 instead of 20:10 because that could totally ruin her routine.

Surprisingly, a couple of hours and couple of beers later, I was starting to enjoy myself. It felt strange and terrifying but relaxing and much needed at the same time.

Who knew there were so many emotions to experience? I just hope our little girl will still recognise me after 48 hours without my face in her face.

Regensburg Cathedral