Yellow ribbons for humans

I read about a yellow ribbon on a dog which means “Do not approach”. It could be that the dog’s in training or old, sick, scared or just wants to be left alone…

This made me think – I’m sure the world would be a more pleasant place if humans wore ribbons like those to avoid infecting each other with bad moods.

Various colours for various levels of irritability in humans:

Blue: “Seriously sleep deprived, approach at your own risk, it could go either way”,
Purple: “Not in the mood for small talk today, sorry”,
Yellow: “Please only address me if it’s important”,
Orange: “Don’t even look at me unless there’s an emergency”.
Red: “NO!”

I was thinking about green for “I’m in a good mood, you don’t have to be scared of me”, but I guess a smile conveys that message clearly.

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