Ups and downs…

Life definitely has its ups and downs.

Two days ago Jay and I had three separate car-related incidents in just under two hours:
1. our campervan had a flat tire,
2. I parked our car against a lamp post and, finally,
3. Jay accidentally drove the campervan into a side of some guy’s car while attempting a U-Turn. Ironically that happened about 400 meters away from the campervan service center we were going to for some minor repairs. Which turned out to be slightly bigger repairs in the end. Fortunately, no one got hurt but it still wasn’t a great day.

Today, on the other hand, we went away for a weekend to a family hotel on the coast and because of their booking mistake, our family got upgraded to a suite in a nearby five-star hotel.
I’ll take a five-star hotel over smashing cars any day, even if it’s full of grumpy Germans who don’t like sharing their swimming pool with our kids.

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