Travelling with a toddler is easy!

We’re back on Munich! It was a simple journey, most of it was just motorway:

18:30 Everything’s packed, we’re in the car leaving Rijeka, I’m driving. Our navigation tells us we’ll be home by midnight, we know that it probably means we’ll be home by 2 a.m. but that’s OK.
18:50 We are stuck in a 10km traffic jam, 20km into our journey.
20:45 Finally crossing the border, entering Slovenia, Molly’s happily watching Peppa Pig
21:15 Molly’s very tired, time to go to sleep. Jay saying “Night, night!” is a cue for Molly to throw up all over the car. We have no wet wipes, Jay’s cleaning the car with some of Molly’s clean clothes, Molly’s standing in front of the car shouting “Yucky!” with puke all over her. Including her hair.
21:40 Car and baby are relatively clean, time to drive on.
23:00 Molly’s asleep, we’re in a good mood. We reach a 15km long traffic jam in front of the Slovenian tunnel.
00:00 Jay gets into the driver’s seat, we high five, we’ll be home soon.
00:01 I’m asleep.
01:15 I wake up. We moved 4km since I fell asleep. It takes us another hour to cross into Austria.
03:00 We stop at the public toilet. I notice an interesting business offer. Someone wrote a very explicit message in pen on the toilet wall, suggesting he pays me €100 if he doesn’t manage to satisfy me sexually. It would be easy cash but no time for that. Plus, my heart says No.
03:05 Back in the driver’s seat. Molly’s wide awake, Jay’s trying to get some sleep.
03:10 Molly’s continuously kicking Jay’s chair, shouting “Dada, ne spava!” (Dada, no sleep!)
03:15 Peppa Pig
03:40 I finish a box of biscuits which are basically a kilo of sugar with additives. Molly’s babbling about Peppa’s adventures, keeping Jay awake.
04:45 My eyes keep closing so we switch again. I don’t even remember falling asleep in the passenger seat.
05:21 We’re back in Munich. Molly’s still awake, very excited about being back home, she’s not happy when we tell her she has to go to sleep.
05:30 We’re all asleep in our clothes, Molly still smells of puke, Jay and I smell even worse.
10:00 Waking up in our own bed is lovely.

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