This talent show will be great

Molly’s been taking singing lessons for a couple of months now. She’s been practising one song over and over for a Christmas concert. She’s quite good at singing.

There’s a Talent Show organised at her school next week. She signed up to perform. She’s going to sing, right? That one song that she’s been practising for months, right?

No. She plans to play the guitar.

-But you can’t play the guitar, Molly! You only started learning and you never practice and you really, really suck at it.
-No, I don’t!
-Yes, you do. Why don’t you sing the song you already know?
-Because I don’t like being too good at things (What?! She’s not “too good” at anything!). I decided already, I’ll play the guitar.
-But what will you play? You don’t know any of the songs!
-I’ll write my own song. I already wrote a Christmas song called “Look how happy the others are”, but that one’s not very good. I’ll write a better one today.

Molly definitely won’t be “too good” at whatever that’s going to be and I’m very happy I won’t get to witness that shipwreck of her improvised performance.
On the other hand, I’m quite impressed that she doesn’t seem to care what others think. At. All. I’ll just pretend that the Talent Show doesn’t exist and we can all continue to live happily and anxiety-free ever after.

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