Stuck in traffic

Even though we set off 45 minutes before Molly’s music class when the navigation said we needed 6 minutes to get there, we ended up stuck in traffic for 70 minutes.

We missed the class and are at the moment picking flowers in a random neighbourhood which I drove into when Molly got hysterical. We deserve a cake and that’s what we’ll have.

Mama wins at hide and seek. Always.

Molly’s awful at playing hide-and-seek. She’s not terrible at finding me (especially when I hide behind the door) but when it’s her turn to hide, she just stands in front of me while I count and laughs when I open my eyes to start searching. Even if I tried really hard to find shitty places to hide, there’s no way she could win this game.

Mama – 427, Molly – 0.

An afternoon at the lake

At the lakeWe managed to catch the last rays of sunshine at the lake. There was a homeless guy sitting on a bench, drinking a beer. People pretended not to see him and he stared at them, singing loudly and angrily as they walked past. He looked lonely so I┬ásmiled at him as we walked by. Molly probably did too because he gave her an embarrassed look and he didn’t sing behind our back. We also saw lots of ducks, swans and old people. Molly touched a few piles of dirty snow and then it was time to go home.