Disgusting things I caught Klara eating

Disgusting things I caught Klara eating, listed from “I wouldn’t eat that” to “This makes me want to puke”:

-half chewed food Molly spat out and threw on the floor,
-half eaten burger found next to the trash bin,
-random used tissues,
-half digested pasta someone puked out,
-sheep poo,
-goose poo,
-human feces

Challenges of driving to Croatia #2

After 9 hours of driving (out of which almost two hours were a torture with Molly’s constant groaning and screaming and coughing), we’re finally in Rijeka. Molly’s shouting and being generally grumpy, our family dog just puked, Klara’s barking at random things in the garden and I still have to unload the car. And there’s no one at home to help me. It’s difficult to stay positive.