Small talk at breakfast

“I was really sick. Fever for three days, I was so weak I couldn’t even get to the doctor. Then my nose started running like crazy. After a couple of days, I got a nosebleed… It went on at least five times a day for three days… Blood from my nose and my mouth. Luckily it stopped yesterday” said the lady serving my breakfast, all the while touching my food.

I only politely asked how she was doing. If you don’t hear from me, I’m probably in bed, bleeding from my nose and mouth.

Pizza and beer for breakfast

Driving Mac and Molly to the daycare today was great. First they were laughing hysterically for at at least five minutes at Mac making silly noises and then Mac started shouting “Beer!” to which Molly replied with “Pizza!”

“Beer!”, “Pizza!”, “Beer!”, “Pizza!” – I guess that’s what they’ll be having for breakfast then.

I don’t need a spoon

I made a mistake when I served muesli to Molly this morning. She didn’t want me to feed her but she almost immediately gave up on the spoon, so she was eating milk with her fingers. It was highly inefficient but it lasted for a while because she’s quite stubborn and I’m not.

We switched to a banana after a while, but not soon enough.