Summer 2018: Notes II.

We spent the day in the Walderlebnisland. I guess it could be described as some sort of an amusement park.

It includes a wooden walkway 25 meters up in the trees, a wooden labyrinth, a balancing track with wooden obstacles and various other random things made of wood. There’s a lot of wood there.

We saw only one kid screaming with pain while her mum was trying to take a thorn out of her finger with a pair of tweezers. The other two kids were just crying silently.


-I’m angry at Benny because he was laughing at me like this: “Ha, ha! Ha, ha!”
-Why was he laughing at you?
-I don’t know! Maybe he was laughing! I don’t know if he was actually laughing!

Molly likes being angry. Even if means being angry at made up things.


Pirate party at the campsite. Neither of our kids speak enough German to understand what’s going on but they excitedly take part anyway.

I hope that curious and self-confident part of them always stays present.


-Benny, why don’t you stand closer to the park maskote so I can take a proper photo?
-No! It’s always boring standing next to a fox!

How many times did our son stand next to a fox feeling bored? More importantly, where was I on those occasions?!


Rainy days in a campervan are best spent in a bigger town. We’ll be driving to Villach.

It’s supposed to rain the whole day tomorrow. According to a weather app, it will start raining at 8:30. I love how specific that is.

(Now that I wrote this down, I’m not even sure it’s true. I might have made this information about the app up. I’ll let you know at 8:29 tomorrow. I’ll be standing outside under my umbrella, just in case.)


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