Summer 2018: Notes III.

Boredom triggers creativity.

Molly first made a puppet out of a poo bag and some toilet paper. She named the puppet Milica and proceeded to call herself Raquel.

Then she attempted to make a kite out of a plastic container and some sticks. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t turn out so well.


On a parking lot in Villach we saw a middle aged couple kissing passionately which was very sweet. Then they both drove off in separate family cars. Jay exclaimed in shock: “They be cheatin’!”


Villach brewery has awful waitress who hate the world and walk around with permanently annoyed faces. They received zero tips from Jay.

The beer was good.


Molly was shocked by the explicit depiction of the Passion of Christ. She couldn’t understand why there was blood on Jesus’s knees when there were no nails stuck there. Thankfully that was her only question for now.

I need to read more about how to talk about the Bible with the kids so that I don’t traumatise them too early on.


“You waste so much time on things with zero value,” says Jay after I spent at least an hour (probably more) checking out Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. I wholeheartedly agree. And I don’t have a problem with it tonight.

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