Summer 2018: Notes I.


I asked Molly and Benny how they’d spend their holidays if they could do absolutely anything they wanted.

Molly said she’d want to go to a  museum where you can “go in a man’s mouth and then walk through his whole body and come out of his bum-bum like kaka”.

Benny said he’d like to go to Lidl.

I think we can make all Benny’s wishes come true.


“Teaching” her brother play UNO, Molly made him pick four cards up and then said: “That’s not good, Benny. You’re losing.”

He wasn’t really into playing anymore after that. The shortest game of UNO ever.


Campsite Breznik on Turnersee: full of Austrian families with the same haircuts, regardless of the gender.


On the lake, I saw an elderly couple having a drink at the cafe. She was drinking an Aperol Spritz, he was having a beer. Between them sat their grandson, about nine years old, with glasses on, reading a proper, thick novel.

The three of them co-existed quietly, enjoying their silent time together.


Molly was helping me do the dishes. I told her I soap up a few plates and glasses first and then I rinse them off. It’s quicker that way.

“That’s OK”, she replied. “I’m not in a rush.”

That’s something to always keep in mind – when not in a proper rush, don’t rush.


“Dogs are not allowed ice-cream so we can maybe mash up some bones and make ice-cream out of bones for Klara?”

Molly’s genius idea – this time next year, we’ll be millionaires.


For a short second, I imagined what drowning in a lake would be like. Benny’s laughter pulled me back up to the surface.


With each meal at this campsite’s restaurant, you get free soup. It’s written in capital letters on the menu as a “Bonus!”. The waitress made sure to inform us of this incredible deal as well.

Since we ordered three meals between the four of us, we got three soups.


“Look at all this grass and flowers everywhere. Such a nice day,” said little grown-up Benny.

He also said “I want to live here” looking at an old and dirty caravan, though. His words probably carry little value.


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  1. Very much enjoyed reading all your posts. The bit about Benny wanting to spend his summer holiday on Lidl made us laugh. X

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