Rain boots for girls

I was in a shoe shop yesterday with Benny, buying rain boots for Molly.

Me: Do you maybe have these boots in size 27?
Saleswoman: 27? Are you sure that’s his shoe size?
Me: Oh, no. Those are for his sister. She wears size 27.
SW: His sister?
Me: Yes. She’s not here at the moment but I’m buying the boots for her.
SW: With pirates?
Me: Yes.
SW: For a girl?
Me: Yes.
SW: … (blank stare)
Me: … (staring back)
SW: Why don’t you get her these pink ones?
Me: Because she doesn’t like pink and she likes pirates.
SW: … (blank stare)
Me: Her brother can wear them in two years time.
SW: Ah, OK! That’s smart.
Me: Thank you. Can I get the boots now, please?
SW (mumbling to herself): Those are Vikings, not pirates. And a girl won’t wear those boots.

It’s lucky Benny didn’t choose pink boots with flowers. That would turn that lady’s whole world upside-down and it didn’t look like she’d be able to cope.

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