Poo confusion

I tied Klara to one of the benches near the playground while Molly and I ran around. After a few minutes, I saw an angry woman approaching me, asking if something something something was mine.

Assuming she meant Klara, I said “Yes, but I made sure she wasn’t directly at the playground,” thinking that was what bothered her. She asked: “And you’ll just leave it there?”

I was surprised, realising that she was actually worried about the dog being left alone. So I said, “Oh, we’re leaving soon anyway, but she’s used to waiting for us, she doesn’t mind.” The woman looked utterly confused but not angry anymore. After a few long seconds of looking at each other in silence, she said “Oh, you’re talking about your dog! I was talking about the dog poo on the grass!”

That wasn’t mine, but I’m sure that dog poo didn’t mind being left alone either.

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