Old year, new year

2019. – what a year.

Traditionally, one’s supposed to write a recap of the past 365 days on the last day of the calendar year, but so much has happened that it’s all, more or less, a blur.

We had a(nother) baby, we travelled, we fought, we made up, we barely slept, we laughed and cried, kids continued to grow and change (rapidly), we continued to grow and change (steadily), my first kids’ book got published, I wrote several more stories (in my head), we settled properly into the “new” house, Molly started school, we all grew older and wiser and happier and more tired together…

It wasn’t and it isn’t easy. Life’s relentless and there are no breaks. There’s no pause button to press when you’ve had too much.
There are moments, though, when you stop as you find yourself smiling and you think to yourself: “This is my life. And it’s good.”

My biggest wish for the year ahead is for it to be filled with more of those moments.

2020. – I’m ready for you.

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