Life’s not fair!

Molly and Benny have to tidy up their room, where Oskar also plays, every evening before going to sleep. Last night I had a great opportunity to hear them complain to each other:

-It’s not fair! Why do we have to clean up after Oskar? Mama’s with him, she should be doing it!
-But she does a lot of other things…
-Did she play with us all day? No! Did she do what we wanted? No. And what do we have to do? Do some drawings, tidy up…
-You’re right, it’s not fair, Molly.
-And you don’t know how hard it is to go to school, Benny! Why do the teachers get paid when we have to work hard? We work and when we complain, we get a time out!
-Yes! We should get the opposite of time out! We should get one million kuna!

I thought Benny was on the right track at the start of the discussion, but Molly’s arguments were impossible to refute. Life really isn’t fair.

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