Job interview with a four year old

I’m looking for a new assistant so I told Molly I was interviewing a few candidates this morning and asked her what I should talk to them about.

At first, she was quite upset that I can only hire one person because “the others will then be sad” but she quickly got over it.

Here’s how a four and a half-year-old thinks a job interview should go:

-Ask them “What’s your name?”, “How old are you?”, “Are you smart?”, “How much you want to work in my mum’s office?” Then you can play some games like I always do with Benny. Like statues. Who can stand longer still without falling or moving or going to pee. And who can jump high without falling. And who can run fast without running wrong. So running, jumping and statues.
-But don’t you think it will seem silly if I ask them to play games in the office?
-No. It’s your office and it’s how they work.

Molly’s going to be the most difficult boss ever. She has it all figured out already.

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