I suck at grocery shopping

My internal monologue while shopping for groceries: “Tralala… Should I buy some beans? No. We have tons of cans of beans at home, we don’t need any more of that… Oh! Sweetcorn! It’s been a while since I had any sweetcorn, I’ll get a can of that! I’ll get two, actually. I really feel like eating sweetcorn today!”
My internal monologue while unpacking the food: “Shit. So much sweetcorn. How did I not know we had four cans of sweetcorn at home?! I don’t even feel like eating sweetcorn. Maybe I’ll eat some beans? Crap. We have no beans.”
Every. Single. Time.
(Usually it’s chickpeas I buy cans and cans of so can sweetcorn count as an improvement?)
At the age of 37 the time has come for me to learn to check the pantry before going shopping.

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