I can’t think of everything

You’re in a public place and your baby takes a poo. You find a changing room and go change him, of course.
You’re talking to your baby, singing, smiling, you take off his nappy (not smiling that much anymore), wipe him carefully, roll it all up to throw away, you reach for a clean nappy… you have no clean nappies!

What do you do? (What do YOU do?)

You briefly consider taking him home without a nappy on, but it’s a 15 minute drive and you don’t want to get the car seat messy. There are no shops close by. So you do what you have to do – you unwrap the dirty nappy and, disgusted and apologetic, you put it back on your poor, trusting baby.

Thirty seconds later, he takes a poo in his already pooey nappy and you’re grateful you didn’t opt for the no-nappy option, but already horrified of what you’ll find when you change him back home.

The next day, you take the baby out for a walk when you remember: you forgot to put clean nappies in the bag (again!). Now what?

To be continued…
(periodically for another two years).

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