How to make lunch with a newborn? Part II

How to make lunch with a newborn?
(Second attempt)

1. Have your mum come over to take care of the kids
2. Get very excited about making the food as a finishing touch. 
3. Put some paprika powder in your soup
4. That was not paprika powder. It was chilli powder.
5. Do your best to make the soup less spicy by adding: milk, yoghurt, peanut butter, lemon juice, sugar and… more stuff.
6. Go take a shower
7. Realise you forgot to turn the gas off
8. Clean the soup-covered kitchen
9. Serve the soup
10. Make your kids cry because the soup’s way too spicy and their mouths burn
11. Try not to cry yourself
12. Throw the soup away
13. Have your mum make scrambled eggs for everyone

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