Hope for the future

Molly woke up at 6:10 and came to my bed. I tried cuddling her to get her to go back to sleep for at least another half an hour but it was hopeless. She was, as usual, resisting sleep by moving every three seconds, kicking me repeatedly in the stomach and moaning about how she “just caaaan’t do it”. So I sent her off to watch the tablet and leave me alone.

A few minutes later, Benny came out of their room and shouted “Mama!”. I was ready to respond but then I heard Molly running to him, telling him in a quiet voice that I was asleep and that he should come and watch his tablet with her on the sofa. And he did! She even put the headphones on him because the sound was too loud!

I’m obviously wide awake but lying in bed, listening to them talking to each other (or, more accurately, listening to Molly telling Benny what to do), feeling full of hope for the future. If only I had some coffee. But I can survive another 10 minutes without it.

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