Going out for coffee with a sleeping baby

We’re so lucky that Molly’s a calm, relaxed and (mostly) quiet baby.
She sleeps a lot during the day, not as much at night, but I guess that was to be expected.

We already have a routine which involves getting Molly all warm and cozy and cuddled up in her pram and taking her on a walk with Klara. If she falls asleep, I sit down in a coffee shop or a bakery and enjoy those wonderful moments of quiet time.

Going out for coffee with a sleeping baby is a lot more fun than I could imagine! You can’t really talk to a baby and she’s far from being entertaining, but just watching her in adoration can be a great way to spend the time.

But in order for it to be fun, two requirements need to be fulfilled:
a) you have to be jam-packed with crazy mama hormones
b) it has to be your baby that you’re staring it.

Warning – spending time staring at a stranger’s baby could go anywhere on the scale from weird and freaky to getting yourself arrested.

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