First night out of the cage

Last night we took three bars off Molly’s crib so that she can go in and out of her bed on her own.
It seemed like a great idea in theory and this is how it went in real life:

19:30 – Molly really liked the idea of being able to go to bed on her own so she announced that she was going “Night, night” and happily got into bed.
19:40 – Very quickly she realised that we expected her to sleep once she gets to bed so she changed her mind and wanted to watch a cartoon.
19:50 – After an episode of Peppa Pig, the second attempt to get her in her room seemed successful and we were very pleased.
19:55 – Molly freaked Jay out when he realised that she was silently standing in the doorway, just staring at him.
19:57 – Back to bed, doors closed, a lot of screaming and crying. We tried to be tough on her and let her cry for a bit, hoping she’ll give up soon. Even though she didn’t try to open the door again, when Jay eventually went in, he found her in tears, just standing in the middle of the room. A heartbreaking scene.
20:05 – Another Peppa Pig and by now it was already quite late. Back to bed, Molly!
20:15 – After a bit of crying in bed, she eventually gave up the fight and fell asleep.

06:30 – Molly woke us up by loudly requesting milk. As I walked through the room to open the blinds, I stepped on something soft and strange. It took me a second to realise that I was standing on Molly’s arm as she was lying on the floor, under the armchair! It took a lot of self-control not to let out a frightened scream but Molly didn’t seem bothered at all. She even cheerfully wished me “Morning!” from her new sleeping post.
I thought that went really well.

As far as I’m concerned, as long as I get my 8 hours of sleep and she stays in her room, she can sleep on the changing table.

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