Every day is your birthday

We celebrated Molly’s second birthday two weeks ago. Her Granny and Grampa came from England for a week and on Sunday, which was Molly’s actual birthday, we opened all the presents together, sang “Happy birthday” and went for breakfast to our favourite breakfast place in the whole world – McDonald’s. (You read that right.)

After Molly’s nap, a proper party started. There was a cake (I baked the whole previous evening and was terrified of poisoning our guests, taking my non-existent baking powers into the account), there was a birthday candle (the one from last year, in the shape of the number one, because I forgot to buy a candle this year. Plus, Molly can’t read or count yet so why bother) and since three of her little friends came over, there were even more presents to open. Little neighbour from downstairs brought Molly a home-made birthday crown which she wore proudly for the whole two minutes and there was even more of “Happy birthday” singing.

 Today, two weeks later, Molly was getting ready to go to the daycare when she noticed the crown on the shelf and quickly put it on her head. Then she announced: “Molly birthday” and started singing Happy birthday to herself. The crown stayed on all the way to the car. More singing. The crown was on in the car, more singing and demanding that “Mama also sings!” I tried explaining that it wasn’t actually her birthday and that we could sing a different song but was turned down with the best possible argument (“No”), followed by a loud version of “Happy birthday, dear Molly”, sung to Molly by Molly.

While I was getting Molly out of the car, I noticed that the crown fell off her head and I quickly hid it under the car seat while distracting her by pointing out a very interesting rock on the ground. Not having to explain to the daycare staff that it wasn’t actually her birthday again but that she would appreciate it if they sang along made my morning a lot easier.

Honestly, mostly because I would have probably felt upset if I had found out that they refused to sing and treat my birthday girl with all the attention she needed on her special day.
Even if it was her second birthday second time this year.

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