Early morning routine

It’s 4:30 and your kids are both awake. You’re recovering from a stomach bug so you’re extra kind because you’re worried they might also be sick. They’re demanding chocolate biscuits in unison. They’re definitely not sick and they’re definitely not sleepy. You’re trying hard not to throw them back into their beds and shout because that will just wake them up more.

By 4:45 you tried everything from reasoning to begging and threats. Finally, they’re eating biscuits on the sofa in the dark.

At 5:15 your older child is asleep on the sofa while your younger child keeps sticking his nails under your nails and sticking his fingers into your nose and repeatedly kicking you but you’re tolerating it all because there’s still a sliver of hope that he might go back to sleep.

At 5:30, he’s eating a banana.

At 5:50, he’s watching his tablet, you’re using your phone.

At 6:00 am, your older child wakes up.

Good morning world! Another wonderful day of exhausted precious snowflakes screaming at everyone ahead.

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