Christmas wish

Molly wants a pet (preferably a hamster) and, for some reason, I told her she could get one in three years, when she’s ten (it seemed like a reasonable answer at the time).
So this morning, looking at all the gifts under the tree, Molly said pensively: “I wonder what Santa got me! I hope it has something to do with pets. Or at least something that speeds up time.”
To reiterate: “Something that speeds up time” is her second choice (?!) while the first one is not a pet, but “something to do with pets”. (Dog food? A hamster cage? Rabies shot?!)

Although I, admittedly, find the idea of speeding up time exciting, I hope your Christmas is so relaxed and fun that you wish you could slow time down, rather than the other way around.

All the best from me to you! 

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