Chatting with strangers is an experience

Today I was chatting with a random mom during Molly’s swimming class. For the first time in my life, I met a person who I had nothing in common with and with whom I disagreed on absolutely every topic we tried talking about.

Or maybe she was just the first person ever who didn’t want to keep the small talk light and easy and didn’t care about agreeing with someone just to keep the conversation polite?

Some of the conversation topics:
Moving: Moving to Croatia? That’s ridiculous! So stupid.
Living abroad: If you like Croatia so much, why did you ever leave? I don’t understand this at all. Just stay there and don’t come back.
Family: You want your kids to see their grandparents more?! I was so happy when my grandma died, I hated her.
Life in Munich: We couldn’t find an apartment so my husband and I enrolled university. Now we have a cheap student accommodation, places for our kids in a kindergarten, cheap train tickets, everything. We’ll never finish the studies. We could if we wanted to. It’s too easy.
Work: We run a hair removal studio. It’s only 12 square meters big, should be illegal.

Weirdest 45 minutes of my life. Can’t wait to see her again next week.

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