Camping in Neumannshof, Thüringen

A bit of a walkWe’ve been on the road with our campervan for 9 days now. We started off without a plan and we’re still driving around without a plan. This plan-less wandering has taken us to some very nice and some less nice places about which I might or might not write some other time.

At this exact moment the kids are asleep and I’m sitting outside the van with my feet in my husband’s lap and a cold Pale Ale in my hand and I felt like writing for a bit. So here we go.

We’re in Neumannshof. Check the map, it’s in the middle of nowhere. To get here from Bayreuth we drove through tiny villages, down really narrow roads and through gorgeous landscapes.

We chose this campsite because it’s on a lake so we assumed we could swim and cycle around it. We did neither. It’s impossible to cycle anywhere unless you’re into mountain biking and going uphill forever. We’re not. Also, even though the campsite’s on the lake, there’s no beach and you can’t really walk around it either. So there’s that.

We pretty much spent two days just playing in front of the campervan, destroying the already run-down playground and drinking beer in the evenings. Our baby phone has quite a reach so yesterday we had a beer on the restaurant terrace. The evening was lovely, the beer not so much.

All in all, unless you’re in the neighbourhood or have absolutely no expectations except sitting in front of the van and sleeping, this campsite’s not really worth the drive. That being said, we’ll remember it fondly because the kids were full of energy but really well behaved and I slept until 10 am so I was reasonably well behaved as well. I guess those are the most important things anyway.

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