Be a fashionable mum!

Do you feel that as a mum you have no time to make yourself look nice? Do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror? Are you jealous of all the women who aren’t mums for their fresh, youthful looks? Do you believe all mums who look good are actually robots? Here’s a few words for you from our sponsor “Faschion4U”:

You’re on your way out and in a hurry, but your baby just puked on you? No need to panic and definitely no need to change your clothes! Just use our camouflage tips: If it’s on the bottom part of your trousers, wear high boots! Puke in your lap? Put on a long cardigan! Puke on your shirt? That’s what scarves are for! Puke on your cardigan? Wear a jacket! Puke on your jacket? Wear a coat on top! Puke on your coat? You have a bigger coat to put over it. Puke on your shoes? Just walk through the first puddle you see and they’ll be like new in no time. Being a mum is not an excuse – always be fashionable and look pretty! Check out our MySpace page for more tips from Faschion4U!

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