At the hairdresser’s

Things I heard while playing hairdresser with Molly:
-Can you plug in the hairdryer, please? When I was a kid I was sick and stopped growing so I’m still really small now.
-*burps* I’m sorry, I ate a lot of food today.
-I’m this pretty because I never do anything with my hair.
-I’m happy you’re here. I was worried because no-one came to me because I make hair too nice.
-Here, I’ll put this spray because it smells very nice so everyone at the party will ask you where you got that spray and you can tell them about me.
-You looked messy like me before, look now, you’re like a princess!
-Now you can make my hairstyle! I need to be pretty. I’m going to a party. Make my hair like a clown’s!

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