A shitty morning. Literally.

We’re finally packed. We’ve dealt with a few mini crisis since we woke up but we powered through and now we’re ready to go!

Mini-vacation, here we come!

But, no.
“Mama! There’s water in the bathroom!”
Our drain seems to be blocked. We can’t flush the toilet without the water level dangerously raising.
“No worries,” says Jay. “I’ll quickly unclog it.”

“Jay, how can I help?” I ask after a while.
“You just deal with your own shit and I’ll deal with everybody’s shit,” my husband says, pun fully intended.
Because our bathroom’s now properly flooded. With shit. Poo. Human feces.
“What a shitty situation.”

“When I have children, I won’t live in this house,” declares Benny.
“Why not?”
“Well, look,” he shrugs as he points at the mayhem in the bathroom.

Good point, well made.

We just had someone lift the toilet up and clean out the pipes. It’s now safe to flush again. Jay’s cleaning the bathroom, the smell’s horrible, he’s barely keeping it together. Oskar just fell asleep after fighting me like a wild animal. Kids unpacked their bags and are watching their tablets. We’re all exhausted.

Mini-vacation, here we come! Soon(ish).

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