Sexy mama

Walking down the street in my short skirt I get a lot of stares. That’s cause I have Klara, the strange looking ghost dog, walking next to me.

And also because I used a big plastic shopping bag to pick her poo up.

A thoughtful baby

Molly already knows me very well. She recognises when I’m completely exhausted or when I’m stressed because I have loads of work to do or, like today, both.

That’s when she decides to take only a 20-minute nap instead of sleeping for an hour and a half. She just doesn’t want me to be lonely. So thoughtful.

A holiday apartment

It’s Veronika’s wedding weekend we’re staying in a disgustingly dirty apartment.

There are no towels, no toilet paper, no coffee cups, no gas for cooking, but there’s a lot of meat in the freezer and a few big spiders.


Thank you parents-in-law #2

Thanks to Grandma Moira and Grandpa Tony I get to enjoy this sunny morning without the baby or the dog. It’s very difficult to remember my life when I had no responsibilities – how did I spend my time?!

I must have been really bored! I bet it was lovely.

Thank you parents-in-law #1

Thanks to Grandma Moira and Grandpa Tony and a pair of amazing earplugs, I slept for almost 11 hours last night – my mind’s amazed by the fact that I actually WANT to get out of the bed. Best sleep in eight months.

In my childhood room

Sharing my childhood room with a baby and a dog. Molly’s finally not coughing at the moment and I could be sleeping if Klara wasn’t scared shitless of the wind outside and is now sitting next to my pillow, staring at the darkness and freaking me out.