3 a.m. wake ups

I have such a thoughtful husband. He worries about me all the time. I was sleeping deeply when Jay woke me up in the middle of the night to ask me literally: “Are you OK?”.
I’ll try to wake him up tonight at 3 a.m. to check if he might be hungry. That’s love and commitment.

Stuck in traffic

Even though we set off 45 minutes before Molly’s music class when the navigation said we needed 6 minutes to get there, we ended up stuck in traffic for 70 minutes.

We missed the class and are at the moment picking flowers in a random neighbourhood which I drove into when Molly got hysterical. We deserve a cake and that’s what we’ll have.

First time sleeping through the night

MOLLY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! For the first time EVER! She’s been in bed for 12 hours with absolutely no wake ups! And she’s still asleep! And she’s alive, I checked!
If this continues, our quality of life is about to drastically improve – and I’ll have to find something else to complain about.

Baby’s with the grandparents

After 12 hours of unbroken sleep, I’m having a nice breakfast alone at noon. Plans for today – none yet. Thank you Molly, for being such a great kid and having absolutely no problem with spending a weekend away at your grandparents’.

Running doesn’t count without an app

That shitty feeling when you go out for a jog and you’re really excited to check your phone to find out how well you did, only to realise you forgot to start your running app. That weird feeling when you remember you used to run without a smartphone and it still made you feel good. And, finally, the feeling of shame when you realise that today’s run doesn’t count in your mind because it’s not saved in your app and you can’t think of it differently.
Now I have to do it all over again. Shit. Cancel that conference call.

Pizza and beer for breakfast

Driving Mac and Molly to the daycare today was great. First they were laughing hysterically for at at least five minutes at Mac making silly noises and then Mac started shouting “Beer!” to which Molly replied with “Pizza!”

“Beer!”, “Pizza!”, “Beer!”, “Pizza!” – I guess that’s what they’ll be having for breakfast then.

Mama wins at hide and seek. Always.

Molly’s awful at playing hide-and-seek. She’s not terrible at finding me (especially when I hide behind the door) but when it’s her turn to hide, she just stands in front of me while I count and laughs when I open my eyes to start searching. Even if I tried really hard to find shitty places to hide, there’s no way she could win this game.

Mama – 427, Molly – 0.

Grumpy wedding anniversary

It’s almost 4 a.m. and, because Molly’s sick and can’t sleep, I also only slept for half an hour so far. I’m going to be very grumpy tomorrow, Molly’s going to be very grumpy tomorrow and if she doesn’t fall asleep in 4 minutes, I’m waking Jay up so he’ll also be (very) grumpy tomorrow.

Knowing all this for a fact, I’d like to use this opportunity to wish my wonderful husband a very happy wedding anniversary.

I love you and I wanted to publicly announce that before we all kill each other tomorrow.

First carnival party

PandaLara and Molly took Željka and me to a carnival party.

Molly was supposed to be a panda but even though she knows nothing about animals, she wanted to apply makeup herself. She also refused to wear her hood with a panda face so she pretty much looked like a toddler in pajamas with a muddy face. Lara was a princess fairy.